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OLEFA CMS (2000)

OLEFA is a Content Management System (CMS) and an educational vision / concept that I have been developing since 2000. 

I first licensed OLEFA to a local company called Ka Communications s.à.r.l in 2001. 

In mid 2001 I created the OLEFA Wiki and the OLEFA Library, modules that allowed OLEFA to spark educational websites. In september 2001 I was finally able to use OLEFA to launch the new Roeser school website, which then became the most modern school website in Luxembourg at the time. 

One year later (September 2002) I licensed OLEFA to local company EducDesign s.a. 

More information is available on joopita.com/​legacy/​olefa (english), oli.lu/olefa (various languages) and lb.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLEFA (luxembourgish language).

Stag Wards (1998-2000)

Stag Wards is a 25 mins animated Star Wars fan movie. 

I created the story and the designs back in 1998, but it took about 2 years to render all scenes. 
Some of the designs were later reused in the OLEFA Storyboard and OLEFA Tiparlo software modules. 

More information is available on www.stagwards.com.

Other projects (1998-2002)

I also operated my old recording studio under the WobbleWolf label. 

Some of my older design work has been published under this label too. 

More information is available on kirps.com and joopita.com.

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The WobbleWolf is a multimedia label by Jos Kirps that was active from 1998 to 2002.

Created in 1998, it is best known for the development of the Stag Wards movie in 1998 and the OLEFA CMS in 2000.

The label was more or less defunct after 2002, but evolved into the Joopita label in 2005/2006, followed by Joopita Research in 2010. Today Joopita Research is best known for Mozino/oli.lu, Jamplifier Music, ONO and Galaxiki.

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